Quartz Blends or Single Colors

Quartz Blends or Single Colors

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What are Quartz ColorGranules™? 

Quartz ColorGranules™ make resinous flooring as safe as it is ergonomic and decorative. Quartz ColorGranules™ decorative flooring aggregate are composed of the finest uniformly shaped and sized quartz granules on Earth.  This unique product is brilliantly color-coated with a superior resin system and high-quality colorfast pigments to provide optimal durability and extreme performance in the most demanding environments.  In addition to their superior resilience to harsh chemicals and UV rays, ColorGranules™ can be applied to achieve many different textures and levels of slip resistance to prevent slip and fall injuries and minimize liability.

Quartz ColorGranules™ resinous flooring media is available in over 40 solid unicolor-styles that can be blended, mixed and matched to customize your floor and complement any décor.



Quartz ColorGranules Advantages
• Superior colorfastness / UV stability 
• Extreme abrasion resistance 
• Excellent chemical resistance 
• Advanced color-coating chemistry 
• Optimal grain shape and size uniformity 
• Perfect for heavy-duty environments 
• Outstanding slip-resistance qualities 
• Extraordinary resilience 
• Customizable to complement any décor


• Lab tested resin system compatibility 
• Custom color-matching available 
• Unlimited custom-blending options 
• Fast turnaround times 
• Custom packaging & labeling options 
• No minimum order quantities 
• Over 60 in-stock unicolor-styles
• Extreme sales & marketing support 
• Knowledgable & friendly service

Quartz Blends or Single Colors
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