EZ Super Guard 5 Gal

EZ Super Guard is a stain protector that is specifically formulated to protect polished and dyed concrete from stains and etching.It is designed to add stain resistance, color protection, and color enhancement. This is a high-gloss formula giving your concrete floors an impressive shine.


• High-gloss formula gives concrete floors an impressive shine
• Protects polished and dyed concrete from stains and etching
• Improves clarity and gloss
• Improves surface abrasion and durability
• Burnish with EZ Pad when dry


Coverage Rate: 2,000-2,500 sf/gal (49-61 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket


1) Thoroughly wet a microfiber pad with EZ Guard
2) Use a pump sprayer to apply EZ Guard onto the concrete surface and immediately spread evenly with a microfiber applicator. Apply enough material to evenly coat the entire surface without dry streaking or puddling
3) Allow EZ Super Guard to air dry to a tack-free state. Burnish the floor with a high-speed burnisher using an EZ Pad
4) Keep the floor dry for a minimum of 30 minutes after application

EZ Super Guard 5 Gal
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