EZ Densifier 5 gal

EZ Densifier is a Lithium Silicate Densifier that improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering by improving the abrasion resistance for new or aged concrete. Ideal for use with exposed and polished concrete. 


• Lithium Silicate Densifier
• Hardens deep within the concrete to improve surface performance and resist harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering
• Ideal for exposed or polished concrete
• Helps keep a longer lasting color with UV stabilizers
• Improves resistance to staining


Coverage Rate: 500-700 sf/gal (12-17 m2/L)

Mixing: Ready to Use

Product Size: 5 Gallon Bucket


1) Complete main floor grind up to Tool #2
2) Remove all dust and debris using an automatic floor scrubber and fresh water. Must allow to dry.
3) Spray EZ Densifier onto the concrete floor and use a microfiber applicator to spread evenly on the surface. As product is absorbed into the surface, apply additional product as needed until floor starts to reject the Densifier.
4) Keep the floor wet for 15 minutes while spreading with a mop to avoid puddles. Must allow to dry.

EZ Densifier 5 gal
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  • Item #: EZ Densifier 5 gal
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